Team 22  (LOLA-GE)

The aim is to study the evolution as a function of time and of galactocentric distance of a number of nucleosynthetically diverse species.  In particular it is planned to model the evolution of elements and isotopes and compare them with data in the protosolar cloud (PSC) and in the local interstellar cloud (LIC), two clouds approximately 4.6 Gy apart in age.
Abundance ratios of D/H, 3He/4He and Ne/He have been determined in the PSC (from solar wind and Jupiter missions) as well as in the LIC (HST and Ulysses data).
It is planned to also model the 20Ne/22Ne and 18O/16O ratios which may become available in the not too distant future.
The goal of the work is to contribute to solving a number of important questions of galactic astronomy, such as a) the birthplace of the Sun, b) inflow of unprocessed material into the galactic disc, relatively late in the life of the galaxy.