"Delivery of Water and Organic Matter to Young Terrestrial Planets"


We will investigate the origin and evolution of organic compounds and water in planetary systems, and their delivery to young planets.

Our International Team seeks to better understand the organic compounds generated and destroyed in the interstellar and proto-planetary environments, through comparisons of observational, theoretical, and laboratory results.  We will examine the potential for and limitations to delivery of exogenous water and pre-biotic organics to planets, examining factors that enhance or restrict this potential.  Special consideration will be given to incorporating new insights provided by emerging models for planetesimal accretion and dynamical scattering coupled with compositional information for comets and meteorites and models for chemical modifications of impacting material.  We will follow these factors over time, from the natal cloud core through the end of the late heavy bombardment (~ 3.9 Ga), to evaluate exogenic delivery of organic material and water to terrestrial planets. 
This Study will significantly improve our understanding of the nature and origin of organics in planetary systems, the processes affecting them, and the potential for delivering pre-biotic organic compounds to planets. 

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