Non-virialized X-ray components in

clusters of galaxies

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We propose an international team at ISSI to review the current observational and theoretical status of the non-virialized X-ray emission components in clusters of galaxies. The subject is important to study large scale hierarchical structure formation and to shed light on the "missing baryon" problem. The topics of the team work include thermal emission from the warm-hot intergalactic medium, non-thermal X-ray emission in clusters of galaxies, physical processes and chemical enrichment of this medium and clusters of galaxies, and the relationship between all these processes. We shall discuss the perspective for new cosmological observational projects. One of the main aims of the team is to write and discuss a series of review papers on non-virialized components in clusters of galaxies. This review is intended as introductory text and reference for scientists wishing to work actively in this field. The team consists of about 15 world experts in observations, theory and numerical simulations.


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