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The objective of this joint ISSI-Europlanet project is to discuss our present understanding of atmospheric electricity at Earth and on the other planets of our solar system.

Both the workshop, which will constitute the first step of the project development, and the book, which will represent its final product, will describe and discuss the different elements of this theme. Each book chapter (Global electric circuit, Ionisation, Physics of discharges, Charging phenomena, Hazards and instrumentation) will correspond to the sessions, and the sessions chairs will serve as lead authors.

Other workshop participants and experts not present at the workshop are encouraged to contribute as co-authors.


Abstracts Submission: 30 April 2007

Hotel Registration (contact Brigitte Fasler Tel. +41-31-631-4896, email:
 15 June 2007

Workshop 23 - 27 July 2007 in Bern, ISSI, Switzerland

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