Composition of Comets - Working Group at ISSI


The Working Group (WG) shall identify and initiate investigation of hot scientific topics with data from Giotto and other spacecraft and remote sensing and thus prepare for coordinated composition investigations and raise interest for and attractiveness of the field within the next generation. Furthermore complementary laboratory measurements that are instrumental for quantitative Rosetta analyses shall be identified and initiated.

The Working Group

The WG is a balanced group of older scientists involved in Giotto measurements and the younger generation who will still be active in 2015. All instrument teams from Rosetta who will be involved in composition measurements are represented. Members are:

  • Kathrin Altwegg (University of Bern) Rosina talk
  • Hans Balsiger (University of Bern), Leader Compositional Studies with Rosetta (Jan 2006)
  • Nicolas Thomas (University of Bern) talk
  • Johannes Geiss (ISSI)
  • Angioletta Corradini (IFSI Rome, Italy) talk
  • Walter Hübner (SwRI, USA) , e-XSect.doc, e-XsectSum.doc
  • Tobias Owen (IfA Hawaii, USA)
  • Samuel Gulkis (JPL, USA) talk, talk (Jan 2006)PPT, talk (Jan 2006) PDF
  • Alan Stern (SwRI, USA)
  • Rickard N.A. Lundin (ICA, Sweden) talk
  • Elmar Jessberger (U. of Münster, Germany)
  • Helmut Rosenbauer (MPAE Lindau, Germany)
  • Rita Schulz (ESTEC) Cosima talk, Remote Sensing
  • Katheryne Fishbaugh (ISSI)
  • Herman Boehnhardt 

  • Tentative Workshop Speaker list workshop.xls