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The heliosphere is filled with solar wind originating in the solar corona. The physical states of coronal plasma, and its multi-scale structure, are defined by physical processes in spatial regimes which range over many orders of magnitude from the scale of 1 AU to the kinetic scales of the plasma in the corona and the heliosphere. In many cases, the understanding of the kinetic processes is crucial for the understanding of macroscopic phenomena to address questions such as:

What is the physical process that is responsible for the heating and acceleration of the solar wind from coronal holes?

What is the relative role of the magnetic topology and reconnection in the release of slow wind and coronal mass ejections?

What are the processes that dominate the thermodynamic evolution of the solar wind in the inner heliosphere?

This workshop will explore these cross-linkages, which are at the heart of our understanding of the heating of the closed and open corona, and the acceleration of the solar wind. The workshop will focus on novel data, and theoretical models that have observable consequences through remote sensing, and in near-solar and inner heliosphere observations, such as anticipated by the upcoming Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe missions to be developed by the international community.

Workshop Convenors

David Burgess, Queen Mary, Univ. of London, Email:

James F. Drake, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, Email:

Eckart Marsch, MPS Lindau, Email:

Marco Velli, JPL, Email:

Rudolf von Steiger, ISSI, Email:

Thomas H. Zurbuchen, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Email:







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