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Following the Workshop, its output will be published as a volume in the Space Science Series of ISSI by Springer, in parallel with the publication of the papers in Space Science Reviews. It is expected that a total of about 15 substantial review style and quality papers, submitted to the usual refereeing process will be published in the book. Papers will be based on talks presented at the Workshop and will reflect the discussions that are encouraged to be held among the participants during the Workshop, with emphasis on interdisciplinarity. During the Workshop, the Convenors will encourage the participants to formulate proposals for the review papers and to suggest a list of authors. There will be time for informal get-togethers of collaborators. By the conclusion of the Workshop, it is expected that a list of papers, with provisional titles and authors will be agreed by the participants. Exact details for the publication can be found in the pdf files.

last update: July 21, 2016