Proposed Schedule

We plan three 4-day meetings in Bern. Prior to the first meeting we will collect details of the various data sets that will be contributed, and define a preliminary set of requirements via email. Team members will be encouraged to bring existing data to the first meeting planned for autumn 2014 to complete preliminary analysis for Task 1. We will also discuss relevant comparisons needed for Task 2 and finalize the data plan for Task 1, 2 and 3. Data from observations and GCMs will be collected between the first and second meetings. The second meeting will be essentially dedicated to the comparison between GCMs estimates of sea level contributions and corresponding observations, including a thorough review and discussion of existing skill metrics and their applicability for the tasks laid out above. It will  also partly be used for interpretation and figure selection for the first publication on Task 1 and 2. Comparisons between GCMs sea level estimates and sea level observations will begin between the second and the third meetings. The third meeting will be used for interpretation and discussions on the second publication on Task 3. It will also be used to discuss the potential for using the set of validated GCMs for new projections of sea level rise in 2100, for a characterization of the natural variability in sea level changes, and for attribution/detection studies.

Meeting 1 in autumn 2014, duration 4 days; Meeting 2 in spring or early summer 2015, duration 4 days; first journal article submission in autumn 2015; Meeting 3 in early winter 2016, duration 4 days. ; second journal article submission in winter 2016. Final report to ISSI in early spring 2016.


First meeting: November 11 – 14, 2014

Program of First Meeting >>>

Second meeting: November 24 – 27, 2015

Program of Second Meeting >>>

 Third meeting: May 31 РJune 2, 2017

Program of Third Meeting >>>