One week meeting at ISSI Beijing

A reduced version of our team met at ISSI Beijing from June 18th to June 22th.

Despite the reduced number of team members, we made great advances on the two scientific papers we are preparing and the gathered data sets that we are planning to deliver.

We expect to have a first complete draft of these products by the end of July and keep our ambitious schedule for a submission of papers in September.

Raphael for ISSI team

PS: we also enjoyed fruitful discussions with Jinhai Zhang (new team member from CAS of Beijing) and obviously the chinese food and ISSI representative support.

Friday seminar at CAS in Beijing

We thank Jinhai Zhang of CAS to have invited the remaining part of the team available during the afternoon of our last day to perform seminars at CAS in Beijing.

Discussions with researchers there and visit of the laboratories were very interesting.

Raphael, Ludovic, Mélanie and Ceri