The first team meeting was held at ISSI on 26-30 September 2016


Tsuchiya Local electron heating around Io
Kimura Energetic events seen as auroras and their responses to the plasma mass loading from Io
Schmidt Characteristics of the S II Ribbon in Io’s Plasma Torus
Murakami Solar wind influence on Jupiter’s inner magnetosphere observed by Hisaki
Yoshikawa Response of Io-plasma-torus to transient internally-driven aurora at Jupiter
Gray Auroral imaging of planetward transport and its consequences in the inner magnetosphere
Yoshioka Response of Jupiter’s Inner Magnetosphere to Io’s Volcanic Activity Seen by Hisaki
Tao Jupiter auroral spectra taken by Hisaki/EXCEED
Kita Statistical study of solar wind control on Jovian UV auroral activity obtained from long-term Hisaki EXCEED observations
Kasaba Ground-based observations during Hisaki campaigns
Nichols HST observations of Jupiter’s FUV aurorae during Juno’s approach
Bonfond Analysis of the jovian aurora
Badman Weakening of Jupiter’s aurora in January 2014
Branduardi-Raymont X-ray views of the Jupiter system: past, present and future



The second team meeting was held at ISSI on 11-15 September 2017

Tsuchiya (1)Plasma density at Io: model to explain the Io phase effect observed by HISAKI
(2)Change in Alfven transit time from Io to Jupiter’s ionosphere due to increased plasma density in Io plasma torus
(3)Evolution of radial distribution of Io plasma torus during Io’s volcanic event in 2015
Yoshikawa Volcanic activity on Io and its influence to the IPT
Suzuki Detailed features of IPT brightenings deduced from statistical modeling of light curve
Koga Spatial distribution of Io’s oxygen neutral cloud during volcanically quiet and active periods in 2014-2015 observed by Hisaki/EXCEED
Yoshioka Radial variation of S and O ions deduced from EUV spectra.
Io’s control on the Jovian magnetospheric dynamics
Murakami Response of Jupiter’s inner magnetosphere to solar wind derived from Hisaki observations
Smith Neutral cloud distributions and response to Io source activity
Kimura Global plasma transport in Jupiter’s magnetosphere during transient auroral brightening
Bonfond Juno-UVS and Hubble Space Telescope observations during Juno’s first year in orbit” during the meeting
Will Jupiter’s auroral response to a Co-rotating Interaction Region
Grey Characterisation of Jupiter’s Second Auroral Oval
Kita Solar wind control of Jovian aurora & recent activities of ground based observations
Tao Variation of Jupiter auroral spectra during Io volcanic events taken by Hisaki/EXCEED: additional analysis