Diagnosing Heating Mechanisms in Solar Flares
  through Spectroscopic Observations of Flare Ribbons
  --- an ISSI team led by Hui Tian


The 2nd team meeting has been successfully held in Beijing from 15-19 October 2018. [agenda] [group photo]


 Presenter  Title
 Hui Tian  Welcome and introduction
 Petr Heinzel  Mg II lines formed in flare ribbons and loops: IRIS observations and non-LTE simulations
 Yingjie Zhu  Modeling Mg II h, k and triplet lines at flare ribbons
 Akiko Tei  Blue wing enhancement of the chromospheric Mg II h and k lines in a solar flare
 Jana Kašparová  Observations and modelling of low atmosphere heating during the Sep 6, 2017 white-light flare
 Vanessa Polito  Observations above the flare loops with IRIS and Hinode/EIS
 Kathy Reeves  Heating above flare loops during solar eruptions
 Joel Allred  Modeling the transport of flare-accelerated electrons from corona to footpoints
 Graham Kerr  The origin of white light solar flares via RHD Simulations
 Graham Kerr  Si IV emission during solar flares: NLTE, non-equilibrium simulations
 Ying Li  Investigation of the Si IV line profiles at flare ribbons: implications for flare heating mechanisms
 Yongliang Song  White light emission in circular-ribbon flares
 Lucia Kleint  White light flares observed with IRIS and other telescopes
 Petr Heinzel  White-light emission detected in off-limb flare loops
 Petr Heinzel  Hydrogen Balmer continuum detected during X-type flares by IRIS and LYRA/Proba2
 Jie Hong  Non-thermal effects on the Lyman-alpha line during a flare
 Paulo Simões  Estimates of the spectral components to SDO/AIA 1600 and 1700 Å filters
 David Graham  Spectral signatures for multi layered heating and condensation in a solar flare: observations and modelling
 Tanmoy Samanta  On-disk observations of SADs
 Wei Liu  The 2017-Sep-10 X8.2 flare and its global influences
 Hui Tian  Summary

The 1st team meeting has been successfully held in Bern from 16-20 January 2017. [agenda] [group photo]


 Presenter  Title
 H. Tian  Introduction
 P. Heinzel  IRIS Observations of Solar Flares
 P. Heinzel  Spectral Continua in Solar Flares: Blue, Red or White?
 J. Kašparová  Modelling of Flare Processes: Comparison of Two RHD Codes Flarix and RADYN
 G. Kerr  Observations and Simulations of Mg II h & k During Solar Flares
 L. Kleint  What did We Learn about the March 29, 2014 Flare with IRIS
 W. Liu  High-Energy Aspects of Solar Flares: Observations and Models
 V. Polito  UV Spectroscopy of Solar Flares
 J. Qiu  The UV Neupert Effect: Inferring Heating and Cooling of Flare Loops from Foot-point Signatures
 K. Reeves  Signatures of Reconnection and Heating Observed in a Candle-Flame Solar Flare at the Limb
 F. Rubio da Costa  Combining Hydrodynamics and Acceleration of Particles to Model the Emission of Solar Flares
 P. Simões  Formation of the NUV, optical and IR continua in flares from RADYN simulations
 H. Tian  Diagnosing Flare Dynamics through the Fe XXI 1354.08 Å Line Observed with IRIS
 P. Young  What Are the New Results from IRIS, and Can Models Explain Them?
 H. Tian  Summary

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