The results of the September 2014 meeting


According to Calendar of the International Space Science Institute, the Workshop of the group “Multi-instrument Space-Borne Observations and Validation of the Physical Model of the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Coupling” was held in days 15-19 September. The following members of the group were present: M. Lisi, J.-Y. Liu, D. Ouzounov, A. Namgaladze, M. Parrot, S. Pulinets, V. Tramutoli and E. Pokojská (invited).


The state of the project was discussed with the presentations of all participants on the progress on their work for the period from the last meeting in January 2014. The tasks for the next stage of development were determined based on the initial project schedule. The results of planned work should be included in the peer review publications. Five topics areas were determined for future publications:

  • General review paper of the project (responsible S. Pulinets)
  • Effects of dust storms on the ionosphere (responsible V. Tramutoli)
  • Effects of volcano eruption on the ionosphere (responsible V. Tramutoli)
  • Atmospheric and ionospheric precursors of earthquakes (responsible M. Parrot)
  • Effects of hurricanes on the ionosphere (responsible S. Pulinets)

It was decided to apply to Natural Hazards journal to have a special issue for publications which would be the outcome of the project

It was decided to have intermediate working meetings in November 2014 during the workshop in China where the presentation on behalf of the ISSI project will be done, during Fall AGU Meeting in San-Francisco in December 2014, and during the EGU 2015 Assembly in April 2015.

It was decided to plan the final meeting of the group in Bern in dates 15-19 of June 2015.