Project Description

We propose an investigation of the near-Earth space plasma dynamics and electromagnetic environment by multiparameter analysis from variety of space-based missions and creation of physical model of the coupling between lithosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere which are linked by the chain of processes initiated by atmospheric boundary layer modification by air pollution (dust aerosols, nuclear disaster) and modification of boundary layer by major natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes/typhoons and volcanoes.

Our intention is to find from experimental data and their detailed analysis the key processes in atmosphere, which modify the Earth plasma environment system under various geophysical conditions including natural and anthropogenic disasters. As input for analysis and modeling we will use the data products about atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere from different satellites, including NASA EOS (TERRA, AQUA), NOAA/POES, and ESA/ EUMETSAT (METEOSAT, ENVISAT, SWARM), DEMETER/CNES, FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC, as well as ground observations of GPS/TEC, ground electromagnetic (EM) fields meteorological monitoring data, geochemistry, etc. Statistical studies that use these data sets individually have already proven the complex nature of the interconnection between lithosphere and atmosphere events and earth space environment through the Global Electric Circuit.

Just recently the members of this team came independently to same conclusion that many processes in atmosphere of different origin create the similar variations in the space plasma environment what implies the existence of common physical mechanism of their generation. One of the main drivers for such coupling is the change of the boundary layer conductivity through the air pollution, Ion Induced Nucleation triggered by natural and anthropogenic radioactivity, and mesoscale atmospheric systems such as tropical hurricanes/typhoons. Combining data from space- and ground-based instrumentation will provide the experimental background for the first-principal physical modeling in the whole column from the ground surface up to the ionosphere and magnetosphere.

The team of the leading world experts in different disciplines will provide the unique
opportunity of the knowledge fusion to make breakthrough in the understanding the coupling process between atmosphere of our planet and space environment.

The detailed description of the project can be found in the PDF proposal file.