Team Members

Main members:

  1. Jean-Paul Kneib (EPFL): Multiple image finder and cluster mass modeling techniques.
  2. Frédéric Courbin (EPFL): Developer of galaxy-scale lens finder using Big Data approach.
  3. Massimo Meneghetti (Bologna): Lead of the Cluster Scale Challenge. Developer of SkyLens.
  4. Raphael Gavazzi (IAP): co-Lead of the Galaxy Scale Challenge. Developer of galaxy-scale lens finders.
  5. Rémi Cabanac (Tarbes): Developer of galaxy-scale lens finder.
  6. Neal Jackson (Manchester): Developer of galaxy-scale lens finder.
  7. Eric Jullo (Marseille): Developer of cluster mass modeling techniques.
  8. Leon Koopmans (Groningen): Developer of galaxy scale mass modeling techniques.
  9. Phil Marshall (Stanford): Developer of combined galaxy scale lens finding and modeling techniques.
  10. Ben Metcalf (Bologna): Lead of the Galaxy scale Challenge.
  11. Gregor Seidel (Heidelberg): Developer of arc finder techniques.
  12. Stephen Serjeant (Open University): Developer of galaxy scale lens finding techniques.
  13. Carlo Giocoli (Bologna): co-Lead of the Cluster Scale Challenge. Developer of the MOKA approach.

Other experts who potentially will contribute to the project:

  1. Leonidas Moustakas (JPL/Caltech): Lead of the Orphan Lens project.
  2. Eric Linder (Berkeley/DOE): Cosmology and strong lensing.
  3. Pierre Dubath (UniGe): Euclid Space Data Center
  4. Andrea Tramercere (UniGe): Euclid Space Data Center
  5. Danuta Paraficz (EPFL): Lens finding

Young Scientists:

  1. Christoph Schaefer (EPFL)
  2. Philippa Hartley (Manchester)
  3. Giorgios Vernardos (Groningen)
  4. Enrico Petrillo (Groningen)
  5. Andrew Davies (Open University)