Team members

Name Affiliation Country Expertise
Michele Bannister Queen’s U. Belfast UK Trans-Neptunian object properties, solar system surveys
Asmita Bhandare Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Germany Star formation, disks, planet formation and evolution
Piotr A. Dybczynski A. Mickiewicz U. Poland Stellar kinematics, orbital evolution
Alan Fitzsimmons Queen’s U. Belfast UK Comet/asteroid physical properties
Aurelie Guilbert-Lepoutre CNRS France Thermal modeling of small bodies
Tom Hands U. of Zurich Switzerland Planetary dynamics, disks
Robert Jedicke U. of Hawai’i USA Solar system surveys, small body populations
Matthew Knight U. of Maryland USA Comet properties, near-Sun objects
Andrew McNeill Northern Arizona U. USA Rotational and shape properties of small bodies
Karen Meech U. of Hawai’i USA Comet physical and chemical properties; astrobiology
Susanne Pfalzner Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie Germany Star and planet formation
Sean Raymond CNRS, U. de Bordeaux France Planet formation/evolution
Darryl Seligman Yale University USA Fluid dynamics
Colin Snodgrass University of Edinburgh UK Small body missions
David Trilling Northern Arizona U. USA Asteroid thermal properties
Quanzhi Ye Caltech USA Comet/asteroid physical evolution


Team members at meeting #1 (left to right): Robert Jedicke, Sean Raymond, Matthew Knight, Asmita Bhandare, Piotr Dybczynski, Karen Meech, Susanne Pfalzner, Michele Bannister, Aurelie Guilbert-Lepoutre, Alan Fitzsimmons, Colin Snodgrass, Andrew McNeill.