ISSI LLVR Online meeting

To continue discussions on the team topic during COVID-19 times, we organized a 3-hour virtual meeting on Tuesday September 14th 2021 at 1300 UT. Below you can find the agenda and participants list, and a group photo.


  • Short introduction (topic, participants), and group picture.
  • Short (10-15 min) presentations.
    • S. England (Vertical gradients in horizontal winds seen by ICON-MIGHTI in the 100–150 km region)
    • J. Rodriguez-Zuluaga (Topside spread F-related Poynting flux)
    • W. Longley (Update on 150-km work)
    • E. Rojas (Farley-Buneman Instabilities)
    • M. Oppenheim (150-km Echo Kinetic Simulations: An Update)
  • General discussions.


  • Team members

    • Chau, Jorge (Germany, Chair)
    • England, Scott (USA)
    • Hysell, David (USA)
    • Kudeki, Erhan (USA)
    • Lehmacher, Gerald (USA)
    • Liu, Huixin (Japan)
    • Otsuka, Yuichi (Japan)
    • Patra, Amit (India)
    • Pedatella, Nick (USA)
    • Stolle, Claudia (Germany)
  • Young Scientists

    • Longley, William (USA)
    • Reyes, Pablo (USA)
    • Rojas, Enrique (USA, YS)
  • Team Guests

  • Apologies

    • Vierinen, Juha (Norway)


Group picture (from Zoom screenshot)

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