Here you will find a brief list of publications: (a) resulting from this team, and (b) related to the topic.

Publications resulting from this team

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  • Jonah, O. F., Goncharenko, L., Erickson, P. J., Zhang, S., Coster, A., & Chau, J. L., et al. (2020). Anomalous behavior of the equatorial ionization anomaly during the 2 July 2019 solar eclipse. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 125, e2020JA027909.
  • Lehmacher, G. A., Wu, H., Kudeki, E., Reyes, P. M., Hysell, D. L., & Milla, M. (2019), Height variation of gaps in 150‐km echoes and Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model electron densities suggest link to upper hybrid resonance, J. Geophys. Res. Space Physics,
  • Longley, W. J., Oppenheim, M. M., Pedatella, N. M., & Dimant, Y. S. (2020). The photoelectron‐driven upper hybrid instability as the cause of 150‐km echoes. Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087391, 10.1029/2020GL087391.
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  • Rodríguez‐Zuluaga, J., Stolle, C., Yamazaki, Y., Xiong, C., & England, S. L. (2021). A synoptic‐scale wavelike structure in the nighttime equatorial ionization anomaly. Earth and Space Science, 8, e2020EA001529, (Highlighted by ESS Editor see note here).

Publications related to the topic

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