Here are a list of publications from the team so far:

Harra et al,’ The active region source of a type III radio storm observed by Parker Solar Probe during encounter 2’…650A…7H/abstract

Brooks et al,’The formation and lifetime of outflows in a solar active region’…917…25B/abstract

Badman et al,’Constraining global coronal models with multiple independent observables’…932..135B/abstract

De Pablos et al,’Searching for a solar source of magnetic field switchbacks in PSP’s first encounter’…90D/abstract

Verscharen et al,’ Flux conservation, radial scalings, Mach numbers, and critical distances in the solar wind: magnetohydrodynamics and Ulysses observations

Verscharen et al.,’ The angular-momentum flux in the solar wind observed during Solar Orbiter’s first orbit…656A..28V/abstract