Structure and dynamics of Jupiter’s magnetosphere and boundary regions

Jupiter’s magnetosphere is the biggest coherent structure in our solar system, and has been visited by eight spacecraft to date. Jupiter is a planet of superlatives, with the strongest magnetic field and the fastest rotation of any planet in the solar system. However, it also holds many mysteries, in particular the extent to which the solar wind can influence its magnetosphere. This team will capitalize on the availability of newly reprocessed data from the Galileo mission, shedding light on the nature of plasma flows within the system. We will also focus on the interaction at the magnetospheric boundaries, working to understand the depth to which any boundary interactions can penetrate. In addition to data analysis, we will explore recent models that together include fundamentally different explanations of some jovian dynamics. A unique aspect of ISSI is the opportunity to gather lead proponents of such models to have an open-minded discussion about which aspects of the various models are complementary, and which are mutually exclusive. The team will carry out their work through the period of Juno’s approach and initial orbits of Jupiter.