Program for first meeting, 2015 Dec 7–11th

Below is the suggested schedule of talks for the first meeting of the new team. The basic format I propose is to have talks in the morning and then discussions (in smaller groups if required) in the afternoons. This is not meant to be overly prescriptive, and the schedule can be varied as required by the group.

Talk titles link to the abstracts page (where available).

On Monday I would like to request summary talks to set the stage and context, presenting the state of knowledge in different aspects (simulations, observations, nuclear experiment etc.). Each day Tuesday–Thursday will then be devoted to one of these areas.

For those who are not yet represented in the schedule, please feel free to add your own talk topics to the section of choice

Monday – introduction

M. Falanga – welcome and introduction to ISSI

D. Galloway – team logistics, goals, and approach of the workshop

H. Schatz – status of nuclear experiments relevant to thermonuclear bursts (TBC)

D. Galloway – status of burst observations

1700h – welcome reception @ ISSI

Tuesday – simulations

A. Heger – status of burst modelling

J. Lattimer – Summary of neutron star radius from observations, theory and experiment with implications for the core-crust interface including pasta

A. Cumming – Kepler simulations for GS 1826-24

F. Theielmann – Spherical Simulations of Multple X-ray Bursts: Aiming for Superbursts

Wednesday – observations

A. Deibel – The “anomalous” shallow heating mechanism in neutron star transients

J. Chenevez – burst observations with NuSTAR and the 2014 soft state of GS 1826-24

L. Keek – Anisotropic Reflection of Carbon Flames

Thursday – nuclear experiment & modelling

H. Schatz – sensitivity of burst simulations to nuclear rate uncertainties

Y. Sun – Shell models for nuclei in the rp-process

W. Misch – Electron capture and nuclear de-excitation in silicon burning

Z. Meisel – Urca cooling prospects for model inputs by future nuclear experiments

Friday – additional topics

W. Ong – Potential bypass of the 56Ni waiting point

A. Cumming – chemical separation in accreting neutron stars

A. Deibel – Shallow Urca cooling pairs in the accreted neutron star ocean and crust

J. Chenevez – The NICER mission: capabilities, status, and expectations for burst science