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Team GNSS plans to use dual-frequency and multi-frequency GPS/GNSS data for studying the characteristics of polar and equatorial TEC fluctuations and understand its impact on navigational accuracy of SBAS. During periods of adverse ionospheric conditions resulting in convective ionospheric storms or scintillations, factors responsible for satellite signal loss of lock and consequent cycle slips will be analyzed. Real-time testing of the principles of spatial and frequency diversity are planned for application to scintillation mitigation.

The Coordinator and Team members have sufficient experience of working with GPS and GNSS system and analyzing data

The composition of Team GNSS ensures availability of expertise with the members for studying Space Weather impact at polar region, equatorial and transitional mid-latitude region related to observation, analysis and interpretation of the data.

ISSI Bern will thus provide a unique opportunity for this team comprising of members having wide geographical coverage to develop an atmosphere of mutual cooperation on the lines of data assimilation, analyses, code development, interpretation and documentation of the results in the form of journal publications and scientific reports.

Convergence of ideas and theories of space environment perturbations from the polar and equatorial to transitional mid-latitude locations will provide leverage in implementing this proposal.