The project aims to advance our fundamental knowledge of the inner magnetospheric waves that are of key importance to the control of energetic electron fluxes (EEF) within the Radiation Belts (RB). This will be achieved by the analysis of data collected during the Cluster Inner Magnetosphere Campaign (July-October 2013) (IMC) complemented as  needed by other Cluster data. The uniqueness of the Cluster-IMC data is due to the small spacecraft separations (occasionally down to 4-5 km), an important advantage when probing wave dynamics. Such measurements are beyond the capabilities of missions such as the Van Allen Probes and currently selected future missions. The Cluster Inner Magnetosphere Campaign data will be used to identify the properties and  linear/nonlinear processes that govern the evolution of waves  for Chorus, Equatorial  Magnetosonic,  Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron waves, and lightning whistlers and compare with the theoretical models. The study of these magnetospheric waves is important because of their role in acceleration and loss of energetic electrons in the outer radiation belt.