To tackle efficiently the challenging questions of solar and stellar wind heating and angular momentum loss, the “Solar and Stellar Wind Connection” international team gathers known world experts on the theoretical, numerical and observational aspects of dynamo, magnetic activity, wind dynamics, heating mechanism and rotational history of the Sun and solar-like stars in a coherent group. We have chosen to split the tasks of our international team into 4 focus groups that will tackle inter-related topics: The Dynamo and Magnetism; Solar and Stellar Winds; Heating Mechanisms; and Angular Momentum Evolution. These groups will work to provide theoretical solutions, numerical models and recipes and observational constraints. We strongly believe that understanding these challenging problems requires treating them as coupled issues, rather than the traditional approach of isolated programs of study. By developing a joint deeper theoretical and observational understanding of the evolution of the dynamical properties of sun-like stars (structural change, rotation, magnetic activity, convection, wind) during their evolution, we wish to develop a general understanding of solar/stellar winds, how they shape their surroundings, and impact stars and their magnetism.