The first meeting results

On 20-24 of January the first “kick-off” meeting of the International team 298 representing the project Multi-instrument Space-Borne Observations and Validation of the Physical Model of the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Coupling took place in Bern, in the International Space Science Institute. The following members of the group were participating in the meeting:

Sergey Pulinets (co-coordinator), Dimitar Ouzounov (co-coordinator), Katsumi Hattori, Tiger Liu, Alexander Namgaladze, Michel Parrot, Dmitry Solometsev, Valerio Tramutoli.

The Team at ISSI

The Team at ISSI

According the Project Outline the main directions of the group activity were determined, including:
Specific cases for complex multiparameter data analysis were selected and persons responsible for the data collection, processing and coordination of the scientific outcome from every case were determined.

Directions of the theoretical development of the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere Coupling Model were determined and the key points of the model improvement were precised.
Preliminary list of the future publications was determined.

During the course of the meeting every participant made presentation describing his scientific activity and the role in the project.

The dates of the next Meeting of the group were determined and reconciled with the ISSI director Maurizio Falanga. They will be 15-19 September 2014

It was agreed to make the special meeting of the group during the EGU 2014 Assembly in Vienna.