Meeting 1 (Jan 2018)

The first Team meeting will took place during the week of 22nd January 2018.

Discussions were fluid, but a rough schedule, with links to individual talks, is provided below.

Monday a.m.

Welcome, administration, meeting goals & ground rules (Matt, Frédéric)
Sunspot number overview & historical context (Laure)
– “Triad” debrief
Clette & Lefévre and Lockwood et al. (Greg)
– Svalgaard & Schatten and Chatzistergos et al. (Mike, Ed)
Friedli (Thomas)

Monday p.m. Methods 1825-present (1)

Expectation maximization (Thierry)
Wolf number from scratch (Frédéric)

Tuesday a.m. Methods 1825-present (2)

Backbones (Theo)
Active day fractions (Ilya)
– Usoskin et al. (Andrés, Laure)

Tuesday p.m. Data base

– Recent developments for Vaquero et al. data base (José)
Data/software repository (Frédéric, Andrés)
– Series release: IAU sanctioning, procedure for updates (Alexei, Frédéric)

Wednesday a.m.

Tashkent observations (Alexei)
-Open discussion of best practices; analyses needed before ISSI-2(Frédéric, Matt)

Wednesday p.m.

– Working group meetings

Thursday a.m.

– Pre-Schwabe (1) 18th century (Rainer, Ilya, Ed)

Thursday p.m.

– Pre-Schwabe (2) 17th century & Maunder Minimum (Ilya, José, Matt, Andrés)
– Open discussion (Lidia)

Friday a.m.

Uncertainties (Thierry, Laure, Andrés)
Meeting Summary (Lidia, Dean, Alexei)
– ISSI-2 (Matt, Frédéric)

Friday p.m.

– Travel, subgroup meetings, etc.