Workshop Objectives

During the past two decades, space missions (e.g., GOCE, GRACE and Swarm) have been developed by space agencies in Europe and the USA to measure the Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields, and their spatio-temporal variations. These successful missions have already provided a wealth of groundbreaking results about the permanent and time-variable gravity and geomagnetic fields of the Earth. However, more can be learned about the Earth’s structure by combining data of the Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields, together with Earth’s rotation data routinely measured using space geodesy techniques. Using these data in synergy will represent a unique way to further investigate the physics of the deep Earth’s interior. In addition to the well-known correlation between Earth rotation and magnetic field observed at decadal time scale, recent studies have reported unexpected correlation between spatio-temporal changes of the gravity field and of the magnetic field, also at decadal time scale, that may result from processes occurring in the liquid core and at the core-mantle boundary.

This workshop will be the opportunity to investigate emerging science in this field, bringing together scientists from different horizons and  broad expertise, including in the domain of gravity and magnetic data analysis, the Earth’s rotation, and geophysical modeling and interpretation of the observations in terms of the deep Earth’ structure.

Image Credit: after GRACEFUL ERC project