Objective of the Workshop

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Workshop Picture (taken by S. Saliba)

The main objective is to discuss a possible technology transfer across disciplines. The idea is to bring together scientists from space research and ground development, from time transfer techniques and radio-science missions; from the time/frequency community, as well as from the Earth sciences, fundamental physics and solar system exploration communities, in order to study, e.g., by extensive numerical simulation, possible improvements in applications when including local clock measurements at 10-18 (1 cm level in geopotential height difference). The outcome would be proposals for improvements (if any) in a number of research fields. For example, in Earth sciences, improvements could concern global and regional gravity field models, with specific geophysical applications when using in combination different satellite data (GOCE, GRACE, etc.), ground gravimetry and levelling, precise positioning, etc. New proposals for solar-system exploration and for fundamental physics are also expected outcomes of this workshop.