Published Workshop Papers

(in Surveys in Geophysics)

Guest Editorial by Workshop Conveners (in preparation)

Earth Observations for hazards monitoring & International services by J. Beneviste et al (in preparation)

Space-Based Earth Observations for Disaster Risk Management by G. Le Gozannet et al. (Open Access) >>

UAVs for Geohazards by R. Antoine et al. (in press)

Earth Observation for the Assessment of Earthquake Hazard, Risk and Disaster Management by J. Elliott >>

Earth Observation for Crustal Tectonics and Earthquake Hazards by J. Elliott et al. (Open Access) >>

Remote Sensing for mass movement assessment by C. Cissak et al (in press)

Fire Danger Observed from Space by M. Lucrecia Pettinari et al. >>

On the use of satellite remote sensing to detect floods and droughts at large scales by T. Lopez et al (in press)

Earth Observations for Monitoring Marine Coastal Hazards and Their Drivers by A. Melet et al. (Open Access) >>

Contribution of space missions to a better tsunami science: observations, model and warning by H. Herbert el al. (in revision)

Air Pollution and Sea Pollution Seen from Space by C. Viatte et al. (Open Access) >>

Early Warning from Space for a Few Key Tipping Points in Physical, Biological, and Social-Ecological Systems by D. Swingedouw et al. >>

Geomagnetic Field Processes and Their Implications for Space Weather by M. Mandea et al. >>