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Meetings & Schedule

Team Meeting #1 - 6-8 March 2012
Meeting Agenda (PDF)

  • Review recent ground-based calibrations/validations and analyses;
  • Discuss possible corrections needed to flight instrument data;
  • Estimate uncertainties applying the recent ground calibrations or corrections to the flight data;
  • Present plans (further lab tests or data analyses) to be completed in the following year to finalize these estimates.

Team Meeting #2 - 14-16 May 2013
Meeting Agenda (PDF)
  • Present the results of any further ground calibrations or analyses;
  • Finalize estimates of needed instrument corrections and apply them to the flight data, helping determine absolute value of TSI;
  • Agree on absolute value during 2008 solar minimum period to which composite will be normalized;
  • Estimate time-dependent uncertainties on each instrument's data;
  • Discuss means of creating a new composite with time-dependent uncertainties based on the estimated accuracies of individual instrument data records.
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Team Meeting #3 - 2-3 June 2014

Meeting Agenda (PDF)
  • Finalize instrument data set selection with time-dependent uncertainties to be used in creation of composite;
  • Finalize plans for creating composite.
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