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Dear friends of ISSI,

Dear visitors of our web site,

As we proceed into the summer infection rates are pleasingly low although the Delta variant of the virus is causing concern. Activities at ISSI are picking up for September onwards with team meetings and the planned workshop on “Venus: Evolution Through Time”. We at ISSI certainly hope that the increasing number of vaccinations will keep Delta at bay and allow activities to continue in the fall and winter. 

Here at the institute things are evolving with significant changes in the staff and the directorate now and ahead of us! Look for spotlights in due time as we say farewell and welcome our new members or old friends in new responsibilities:

First of all, let me report that at its last meeting the ISSI Board of Trustees has awarded Prof. Roger-Maurice Bonnet with the ISSI honorary directorship for life. Prof Bonnet thus follows in the footsteps of ISSI’s founding father Prof. Johannes Geiss. The board thus acknowledges the “pivotal role and expressing deep gratitude for his steady and effective support and leadership that has made ISSI a beacon in space science.” The ISSI staff and directors congratulate Prof. Bonnet on this highly-deserved honor. Prof. Bonnet is in our Spotlight this week!

By the end of the month, Prof. Ruedi von Steiger will retire from his positions at the University of Bern and at ISSI and will be followed by Prof. Maurizio Falanga. Maurizio, known to many of you as our Science Program Manager will be followed as of September 15th by Dr. Mark Sargent. He is a lecturer in Astronomy at the University of Sussex board and presently on sabbatical leave visiting with the University of Geneve

ISSI is deeply thankful to Ruedi von Steiger who has served the institute right from the beginning. His continued service has fundamentally helped to make ISSI what it is today. We will honor Ruedi on July 29th at 17:00 CDT with a special issue of the weekly Game Changers Seminar.

Finally, the ISSI board of Trustees at its last meeting decided to offer the position of ISSI Earth Science director to Prof. Michael Rast. Prof.  Rast will join the ISSI directorate as of Jan 1st, 2022 and will follow in the footsteps of Prof. Anny Cazenave. Prof. Rast is known to ISSI since the beginning of the Earth Science program at the institute having served as ex-officio member of the ISSI Science Committee.

Stay safe and I hope to see you all back in person at ISSI sometime soon!

Tilman Spohn

ISSI executive Director

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