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Ideas and Findings about the Solar System, the Universe and our Terrestrial Environment

The International Space Science Institute started its first online Seminar series last summer 2020. While ISSI’s mission is to provide the international Space Science Community with a forum for meeting and discussion in an informal and productive atmosphere here in Bern and document the result in the literature, the Corona crisis has accelerated earlier plans for online tools that may supplement our core in person meeting program.  ISSI hopes that this series will help to bridge the Corona gap in scientific communication and may be continued even after the crisis will be over.  

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ISSI is proud to announce an extraordinary panel event for

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 17h CEST | 11h EDT


A Farewell to Ruedi von Steiger at ISSI


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Meeting ID: 852 6990 9362        Password: 459004

Solar physics at ISSI, that was Rudolf von Steiger for the last 26 years, or Ruedi, as he is called by his friends and colleagues. His own research interests focus on the composition of the solar wind using theoretical modeling and data from the two SWICS’s, the Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometers on ESA/NASA Ulysses and on the NASA Advanced Composition Explorer mission. He also used data from the mass spectrometer CHEM on the Charge Composition Explorer, a part of the AMPTE mission program. And, of course, from Solar Orbiter, the ESA Solar Exploration flagship. His most cited paper – as reported by GOOGLE Scholar – is on the “Composition of quasi-stationary solar winds from Ulysses/Solar Wind Composition Spectrometer”.  One of the co-authors of this paper has played an important role in his career and – unfortunately – cannot be with us at this event: Johannes Geiss, the ISSI founding father and doctoral adviser of Ruedi. It was Johannes Geiss who brought Ruedi to ISSI already in the founding year of 1995. In 1999 and serving to the end of this month of July 2021, Ruedi became the first full-time director at ISSI and a professor at the University of Bern. As the full-time director, Ruedi was essential in running the institute and nurturing its growth from a few to almost a thousand visitors per year working in International Teams, Workshops, Working Groups and Forums. Moreover, Ruedi was the institute’s link to the University of Bern for which he taught courses in Observational Cosmology, Nucleosynthesis, and Quantum Mechanics and served on the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Science.


ISSI has invited 10 of the closest friends of Ruedi von Steiger for the panel.

After the panel, there will be an open microphone with all attendees invited to contribute.   

The Panel members are:

  • Thomas H. Zurbuchen, NASA, USA
  • George Gloeckler, University of Michigan, USA
  • Len Fisk, University of Michigan, USA
  • Nicolas Thomas, University Bern, Switzerland
  • André Balogh, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  • Götz Paschmann, MPE, Germany
  • Sami Solanki, MPS, Germany
  • Rosine Lallement, OBSPM, France
  • Ester Antonucci, INAF/OATO, Italy
  • Robyn Milan, Dartmouth College, USA


Outlook Game Changers Seminars

Dear friends and participants in the ISSI Game Changers Seminar Series

The Seminar series will take a summer break after the special event on July 29th to honor and say farewell to Ruedi von Steiger. The series will resume with more talks on „Ideas and Findings about the Solar System, the Universe and our Terrestrial Environment“ on September 16th and continue until mid-December 2021. We look forward to exciting talks and to communicating with you all.

Stay safe and tuned!

Your ISSI Staff


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