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Space Environmental Hazards: Mitigation and Prediction

Our space environment is traditionally associated with hazards that can have adverse effects on humans and technology. Various strategies have been developed to mitigate them or to find ways to predict their impact. In this new ISSI Game Changers webinar series “Space Environmental Hazards: Mitigation and Prediction”, we take a closer look at the close link between space science and the societal impacts of these hazards. 
The series will take you through some of the more applied aspects of space environment: the impact on satellite positioning services and on radio communications, why the state of the space environment matters for civil aviation, how the Earth’s climate is affected, the risks of being affected by extreme solar flares, how artificial intelligence can help improve forecasting, and more. Finally, we will look at how the carbon footprint of our research poses a risk to our future research activities.

Space Weather Impact on Radio Wave Propagation

Webinar with Norbert Jakowski (German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Neustrelitz, Germany)

Thursday, 2nd February 2023, 17h CET, 11h EST

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Propagation parameters of electromagnetic waves such as amplitude, phase and polarization are impacted when traveling within the ionospheric plasma of the Earth. Related effects can be used on one hand to monitor and study the ionosphere by analysing the changes of measured propagation parameters. On the other hand, space weather impact on the ionosphere may cause unwanted distortions of signal detection in modern ground and space-based radio systems applied in telecommunication, positioning, navigation and remote sensing. After clarifying the main terms, the talk will focus on the discussion of space weather induced changes of the ionospheric plasma and associated impact on radio wave propagation used in diverse applications. Besides ionizing solar radiation and ionospheric plasma dynamics also solar radio bursts may seriously impact the functionality of radio systems via interference.

Norbert Jakowski received the diploma in physics in 1973 from the University of Rostock and was awarded a PhD in 1974 from the same university. Since 1974 he has been working in the Institute of Space Research, since 1991 in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) at their branch in Neustrelitz. His research activities include monitoring, modeling and predicting ionospheric processes related to space weather conditions and studying ionospheric impact on radio wave propagation through the ionosphere. He was/is involved in numerous national as well as ESA and European Commission funded projects related to ground and space based ionospheric monitoring and related research for correcting and mitigating space weather impact primarily in GNSS applications. He is author/co-author of more than 200 papers in refereed journals and books, associate editor of the Journal of Space Weather and Climate, and co-leads an International Space Weather Action Team (ISWAT) on ionospheric indices and scales.

Starting in the summer of 2020, the International Space Science Institute has organized the weekly on-line seminar series called “Game Changers”. After five series of talks on the themes of “Missions that Changed the Game in Solar System, Astrophysics and Earth Sciences” , “Ideas and Findings about the Solar System, the Universe and our Terrestrial Environment”,“Habitability – From Cosmic to Microbial Scales”, “Viewing Earth from Space – the Changing Environment and Climate of our Planet”,  and “Captivating Cosmology: From the Big Bang to Tomorrow” the new seminar series is dedicated to the topic Space Environmental Hazards: Mitigation and Prediction”. All webinars are recorded an can be watched here: Recorded Game Changers Seminars >>


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