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Our scientific opportunities support the community through six distinct modes of operation. Links to proposal templates or on-line submission forms are provided for each individual tool.

Find explanations, forms of applications and an overview of current and past activities.

Johannes Geiss Fellowship

The Johannes Geiss Fellowship (JGF) was established to attract to ISSI international scientists of stature for extended stays of up to 6 months duration. The Fellows will make demonstrable contributions to the ISSI mission and increase ISSI’s recognition through their presence. In doing so they honour ISSI’s founding director Johannes Geiss for his wide-ranging contributions to space science in general, and to ISSI in particular. Geiss Fellows are allocated one of ISSI’s visitor apartments and office space of their own for the duration of their stay.

Johannes Geiss Fellowship

A fellowship for international scientists of stature to spend time at ISSI to pursue their own research and collaborations with ISSI visitors


1 fellow


Scientific papers and public talks (Pro ISSI)


A call for proposals is released every year


a single trip or multiple visits


↷ per diem
↷ accommodation
↷ travel reimbursement

Johannes Geiss Fellows

2024: Michael R. Meyer (University of Michigan, USA)

2023: Sandra Chapman (Physics Department, University of Warwick, United Kingdom)

2022: Marco Velli (Space Physics at the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences Department,  University of California, USA)

2020: Weiqing Han (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA) and Sabine Schindler, (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

2019: Bruno Leibundgut (European Southern Observatory, Garching, Germany)

2018: Karel Schrijver (Lockheed Martin, Palo Alto, USA (retired))

2017: Gary Zank (University of Alabama, USA)

2016: Kurt Lambeck (Australian National University, Australia)

2015: George Gloeckler (University of Michigan, USA)

Image: Thibaut Roger/NCCR PlanetS