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Our scientific opportunities support the community through six distinct modes of operation. Links to proposal templates or on-line submission forms are provided for each individual tool.

Find explanations, forms of applications and an overview of current and past activities.

Visiting Scientists

ISSI invites researchers of all career stages to submit a research proposal to spend time at ISSI as a Visiting Scientist. Applications can be submitted at any time of the year and are evaluated by the ISSI directorate on a monthly basis.

Visiting Scientist

Research or collaboration with ISSI staff, other visitors, or with scientists based at other nearby institutions.


1 Scientist
all career stages


Scientific papers or other publications, collaboration building,
proposals for new ISSI activities, etc.

Starting Point

Open call with on-line application form.
Submissions are assessed on a monthly basis


max. 2 months
As single trip
or multiple visits.

ISSI Support

↷ Per diem
↷ Accommodation

Current Scientists in 2024

Eric Gaidos, 20.5.-10.6.2024

Gozaliasl Ghassem, University of Finland, Finland, working period: 3.-24.8.2024

Octavio Guilera, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina, working period: 17.2.-27.3.2024

Peter Hoppe, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Mainz, Germany, working period: 29.4.-8.5.2024

Sarah Leslie, working period: 28.4.- 9.5.2024

Charles Lineweaver, working period: 5.-20.4.2024

Immanuel Jebaraj, working period: 1.7.-10.8.2024

Michael Mayer, Johannes Geiss Fellow 2024, working period: 15.6.-30.7.2024

Ilya Usoskin, University of Oulu, Finland, working periods: 20.5.–16.6.2024

Image: Thibaut Roger/NCCR PlanetS