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Our scientific opportunities support the community through six distinct modes of operation. Links to proposal templates or on-line submission forms are provided for each individual tool.

Find explanations, forms of applications and an overview of current and past activities.

Discover our latest results in the Highlights

You can find the results of all ISSI activities in several different rubrics

Journal Publications: In this database you find all scientific papers resulting from an ISSI activity written or co-authored by ISSI Team members, Working Group members, Workshop participants, visitors or staff members.

ISSI Publications: In this rubric you find the “classic” publications f.e., Space Sciences Series of ISSI (SSSI), Scientific Reports Series, Forum Reports, ISSI Related Publications, Pro ISSI SPATIUM Magazine, Annual Reports, and SSSI Volumes in press or preparation (resulting from Workshops).

Game Changers Webinars: Starting in the summer of 2020, the International Space Science Institute has organised the on-line seminar series called “Game Changers”.  Over 100 webinar videos have been recorded. The series continues on a monthly basis.

Image Credit: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI team; Data processing: E. Kraaikamp (ROB)