Space Sciences Series of ISSI (SSSI) >>


The Space Sciences Series of ISSI books are coherent reports of the findings, discussions, and ideas that result from Workshops regularly held at the International Space Science Institute. The volumes cover well-defined topics, synthesize and integrate Workshop debates so as to formulate an interdisciplinary interpretation of experimental data. All papers are peer-reviewed and published in parallel as issues of Space Science Reviews or Surveys in Geophysics. Some journal papers are open access.




ISSI Scientific Reports Series (SR) >>



The ISSI Scientific Report Series aims at building up a library of advanced methods for analyzing experimental data, and a record of instrumentation techniques, which are deemed useful to the scientific community. The published books result from ISSI Working Groups or Teams.




Pro ISSI SPATIUM Series (Open Access) >>


The SPATIUM magazine containing the lectures of the Association Pro ISSI in a form that is easily understandable by using attractive visual information.








Forum Reports (partial Open Access) >>


Listed are reports and papers of ISSI Forums.








Annual Reports (Open Access) >>

The Annual Reports summarize at the end of each business year (01.01.xx – 31.12.xx) the activities, publications, financial overview etc. of the International Space Science Institute. 









ISSI Related Publications >>


Listed are all special issues and books written, co-authored or edited by ISSI Teams, Working Groups, Visiting Scientists and ISSI staff members.



Game Changers Videos >>

Find here all recorded videos of the online seminar series Game Changers: How Missions Change(d) our View of the Solar System, the Universe and the Earth started in summer 2020.



Taikong (Open Access) >>


The Taikong magazine constitutes the output of the Forums organized at the International Space Science Institute Beijing ISSI-BJ. It reports the contents of the forums and reflects in a neutral way the Forum discussions and advices from all the participants.