About ISSI

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) is an Institute of Advanced Study where scientists from all over the world meet in a multi- and interdisciplinary setting to reach out for new scientific horizons. The main function is to contribute to the achievement of a deeper understanding of the results from different space missions, ground based observations and laboratory experiments, and adding value to those results through multidisciplinary research in the framework of International Teams, Workshops, Working Groups, Forums or as individual Visiting Scientists. The program of ISSI covers a wide spectrum of disciplines including the physics of the solar system and planetary sciences to astrophysics and cosmology, and from Earth sciences to astrobiology.


ISSI as an Operator of Interdisciplinarity



ISSI offers a forum for space scientists, ground-based observers and experimenters, theorists, and modellers to work together, analyse and compare data from a multitude of instruments on a variety of spacecraft and ground based facilities, thus enabling them to extract or create more science with little additional expenditure.

More than 7200 individual scientists from 60 countries have participated in ISSI activities during the first 28 years of its existence and published the results in scientific publications.

SMALL Staff, Facilities and Budget but WIDE Horizons

Only a dozen staff members are available to handle the complexities of an annual program which sees some 1’000 external scientists giving life to an intricate network of Workshops, International Teams, Forums in the user-friendly but limited facilities of the Institute.


Key Numbers (as of December 2022)