Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Rules and Current Situation

Updated: May 31, 2021

Travel Regulations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic there are special rules for people entering Switzerland. Depending on the type of travel, you might have to fill out an entry form, show proof of a negative PCR test and/or go into quarantine


Hotel Regulations

Hotels and restaurants are open. There are also take-away stands nearby. In general, the hotels have developed an appropriate protection concept for all areas.


In Person Meetings at ISSI

  • Masks are compulsory on the entire Institute. Individuals who cannot wear masks for medical reasons can apply for an official exemption from wearing a mask around the Institute premises. More Information (in German) >>
  • The general rules of hygiene and protective measures must be respected, e.g. washing or disinfecting hands regularly, airing the rooms regularly, etc.
  • Seminar room: total of 50 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 16 participants
  • Conference room: total of 13 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 4 participants
  • Room 31: total of 14 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 4 participants
  • Room 32/33: total of 23 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 7 participants
  • Room 34: total of 28 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 9 participants

All other measures, especially the social distancing rules, general mask obligation and hygiene recommendations, remain in place and apply until further notice. The regulations are valid until now and might change in the future.

The International Space Science Institute recommends:

  • Installing your country’s Covid Tracing App
  • Avoiding large crowds of people
  • Avoiding public transport during rush hour
  • If you have symptoms get a test and stay at home