ISSI Calendar

Please note that the ISSI premises allow to host a maximum of three Teams or Working Groups per week. During the Workshops all rooms of ISSI are reserved for the workshop participants. Furthermore on statutory holidays the institute is closed.

In Person Meetings at ISSI (Current Situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic)

  • Masks are compulsory on the entire Institute. Individuals who cannot wear masks for medical reasons can apply for an official exemption from wearing a mask around the Institute premises. More Information (in German) >>
  • The general rules of hygiene and protective measures must be respected, e.g. washing or disinfecting hands regularly, airing the lecture rooms regularly, etc.
  • Seminar room: total of 50 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 16 participants
  • Conference room: total of 13 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 4 participants
  • Room 31: total of 14 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 4 participants
  • Room 32/33: total of 23 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 7 participants
  • Room 34: total of 28 seats / 3 (capacity limit) = max. 9 participants