First Meeting

The first meeting will address the following topics:

  • Review Total and Spectral Irradiance variability measurements
  • Review state of the art Total and Spectral irradiance reconsctruction models
  • Review the effects of Total and Spectral variability on the Earth atmosphere
  • Review state of the art radiative transfer codes
  • Review state of the art numerical MHD simulations of solar and stellar atmospheres

GOALS : identify up to 4/5 projects (and corresponding 4/5 working groups) aimed at answering specific questions that will stem from  discussions.

Second Meeting

  • Compare physical parameters of MURAM, STAGGER and CO5BOLD
  • Compare radiative output from the different codes obtained with MARCSopacity binning scheme
  • Compare radiative outputs obtained with a high spectral sampling and with the opacity binning scheme
  • NLTE effects: importance and how to implement it in 3D atmospheres
  • Validation of simulations with observations: what observables, what type of data?