List of papers with acknowledgment to ISSI

  • "Effects of Continuum Fudging on Non-LTE Synthesis of Stellar Spectra. I. Effects on Estimates of UV Continua and Solar Spectral Irradiance Variability"
  • Criscuoli, Serena
    2019ApJ...872...52C 2019/02.
  • "The Solar Photospheric Continuum Brightness as a Function of Mean Magnetic Flux Density. I. The Role of the Magnetic Structure Size Distribution"
  • Peck, C. L.; Rast, M. P.; Criscuoli, S. and Rempel, M.
    2019ApJ...870...89P 2019/01.
  • "The Correlation of Synthetic UV Color versus Mg II Index along the Solar Cycle"
  • Criscuoli, Serena; Penza, Valentina; Lovric, Mija and Berrilli, Francesco
    2018ApJ...865...22C 2018/09.
  • "An Assessment of and Solution to the Intensity Diffusion Error Intrinsic to Short-characteristic Radiative Transfer Methods"
  • C. Peck, C. L.; Criscuoli, S.; Rast, M. P.
    2017ApJ...850....9P 2017/11
  • "Spectral variability of photospheric radiation due to faculae. I. The Sun and Sun-like stars"
  • Norris, Charlotte M.; Beeck, Benjamin; Unruh, Yvonne C. and 3 more
    2017A&A...605A..45N 2017/09
  • "Lower solar atmosphere and magnetism at ultra-hugh spatial resolution - A white paper for the next generation Solar Physics Missions"
  • Collet, R., Criscuoli, S., Ermolli, I., Fabbian, D., Guerreiro, N., Haberreiter, M., Peck, C., Pereira, T.M.D., Solanki, S., Rempel, M., Wedemeyer-Boehm, S.

International Space Science Institute, Switzerland