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A New Comprehensive Solar Forcing Dataset From 1850 Till Today

Observations and model reconstructions that describe solar forcing (by radiation and energetic particles) to investigate solar influence on climate are highly fragmented. This has so far hampered a better representation of solar forcing in climate model simulations. Stimulated by this problem, the multidisciplinary team on Scenarios of Future Solar Activity for Climate Modelling has produced a comprehensive solar forcing data set including the main solar climate drivers. This public dataset runs from 1850 till today but also includes scenarios up to 2300. These data are presently being used by climate modellers in preparation of the next IPCC assessment report.

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Relevant Article

Matthes, K., B. Funke, M. E. Andersson et al., Solar forcing for CMIP6 (v3.2), Geoscientific Model Development, 10 (2017) 2247–2302,


Reconstruction of solar irradiance in the UV band (from 200 to 300 nm) using models and observations (after 1979). This spectral band is an important driver of stratospheric ozone. The graph shows: the observational composite from the FP7 SOLID project (with ± one standard deviation in grey), the composite produced by the ISSI team for the climate model intercomparison project, and two model reconstructions that were used for it. The absolute irradiances differ by a few percent; for easier visualisation, we adjusted all reconstructions to the observational one by adding a small offset.



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