First team meeting

Bern, Switzerland, March 06 – 10, 2017


Monday, March 6
ISSI welcome (Falanga)
Review team objectives I (Peter Chi, Fred Menk)
Presentations by team members

Tuesday, March 7
Presentations of relevant research by team members (cont.)
Discussion of potential research collaborations Travel-time magnetoseismology: Discussing modeling approaches; planning model-observation comparisons (Chi, Lee, Choi, Lysak, Raeder, Damiano)

Wednesday, March 8
Ground-based normal-mode magnetoseismology: Discussing approaches in algorithm; planning future investigations (Heilig, Vellante, Del Corpo, Waters, Menk, Chi, Jorgensen) 
Spacecraft-based normal-mode magnetoseismology (Takahashi)

Thursday, March 9: Methodology 2 
Normal-mode magnetoseismology: Planning a standard algorithm for operation (All)  Review team objectives II (All) – revisiting challenges, future directions, and collaborations

Friday, March 10: Future Plans 
Publication(s): Deliverables to ISSI 
Planning future team meetings