Second Team Meeting

Bern, Switzerland, May 14-18, 2018


Monday, May 14:

  • Review team objectives (Chi, Menk)
  • Research overview by first-time attendees (Obana, Lin)
  • Research updates (All: 20-30 min per presentation)
    1. Normal-mode analysis
    2. Travel-time analysis

Tuesday, May 15:

  • Presentations on new work (cont.)
  • Review science questions and discuss how they should be addressed
  • Discuss publication plan, outputs, and outcomes

Wednesday, May 16:

  • Continue discussion from Tuesday (if needed)
  • Members’ Questions to Team
  • Normal-mode workshop session on key events/questions

Thursday, May 17:

  • Continue discussion from Wednesday (if needed)
  • Travel-time workshop session on key events/questions

Friday, May 18:

  • Wrap up workshop sessions
  • Progress toward developing publications
  • Future goals and activities