Embedded below is a Google Documents spreadsheet list of metrics that were discussed at the first meeting. Metrics were assigned to a subjective category (green/yellow/red) by TWDIP participants based on a combination of their robustness and how well established their relation is to the Hadley cell edge. “Green light” metrics were considered the most robust and/or well established within a given category. Some metrics were assigned yellow or red because they are redundant with a better-established metric within a given category.

It was agreed that these “green light” metrics would be the focus of further study and documentation. As a result, TWDIP members have created the TropD software package to compute tropical width metrics in a consistent manner. The TropD software package is open source and freely available at Ori Adam’s webpage. A paper describing TropD was submitted to the journal Geoscientific Model Development in May 2018.


The spreadsheet can be viewed here. TWDIP team members can edit the document via the internal link.