The Heliosphere in the Local Interstellar Medium: Into the Unknown

New Topical Collection published in Space Science Reviews (all papers are Open Access)

A new collection of 18 review articles has been completed and is available online in Space Science Reviews, a printed book version will be published as volume 88 of the Space Sciences Series of ISSI.

This collection presents results from the ISSI Workhop “The Heliosphere in the Local Interstellar Medium”, held 8–12 November 2021, which aims to describe the complete heliosphere, including the heliopause and the effects of the heliosphere on the LISM. It covers observations and modelling and highlight what has been learned and what is still not understand. Although emphasis is on the results of the past decade, the full interaction from pickup ions to the termination shock to the LISM is covered with the goal of making this a complete reference.

This Topical Collection is edited by John D. Richardson, Andrei Bykov, Frederic Effenberger, Klaus Scherer, Rudolf von Steiger, Veerle J. Sterken, and Gary P. Zank.

Introduction: Richardson, J.D., Bykov, A., Effenberger, F. et al. The Heliosphere in the Local Interstellar Medium: Into the Unknown. Space Sci Rev 219, 6 (2023).

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