Dr. Vittorio Manno

Vittorio Manno

Dr. Vittorio Manno, former and first Science Program manager of ISSI between 1995 and 2009, born on 31st July 1938, passed away at the end of the night on 1st February 2022 in Brussels where he lived. He was recruited by Professor Johannes Geiss who died on 30th January 2020, nearly exactly two years before him. He was a genuine eclectic scientist, though a profoundly humble person, fully honest and loyal. He was deeply appreciated and admired by the members of the international space science community, ISSI teams and workshop members, for his personal sense of service and his impressive scientific culture covering all fields of space science. Vittorio Manno was both a man of dialogue and also certainly of principles. He will be remembered by all ISSI staff members who have certainly lost a very elegant respected colleague and a very dear friend.

Roger-Maurice Bonnet