Thanks and Good-Bye to Tilman Spohn

Time goes way too fast, and 4 years have already elapsed since you became the Executive Director of ISSI. We would like to thank you for everything you have done for ISSI during your term. You managed to steer ISSI through a difficult period in its history (the COVID period) and set a new course. One could call it “e-ISSI”, as you have introduced the online Game Changer seminars, introduced ISSI online Apps and restructured the process of organizing ISSI Workshops. You were able to to keep the institute going by engaging with the entire ISSI community and even increasing the visibility of ISSI. We were particularly impressed by the speed and efficiency with which all these changes were implemented.

Tilman Spohn (ISSI Executive Director 2019–2022)

Specifically, we applaud your persistence in securing stable funding from our funding bodies, ESA in particular, both for Space- and Earth sciences.

Tilman is also widely appreciated as a renowned scientist, e.g., he co-organised the “Venus: Evolution Through Time” Workshop at ISSI and was involved in the Working Group “Extant Subsurface Life on Mars? Science, Tools & Missions Together”. He also pursued fruitful collaborations with several of ISSI’s visiting scientists and published a number of original research papers during his time at ISSI, most notably two papers on NASA’s InSight mission to Mars, for which he is Principal Investigator of the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package. 

Now, after four years, you are leaving a thriving institute, with a complete and motivated staff, and with funding secured for the next several years. e-ISSI will continue as your legacy, and we will also soon be ready for an external audit with a management & quality handbook in place.

It was a pleasure to work with you because your openness and clear visions were based on substance, hard work, always keeping in mind the mission of excellence as a small and beautiful institute. Dear Tilman, we are grateful that under your leadership ISSI remained a unique place which is unanimously appreciated by all its visitors.
We wish you all the best for your future!

Your ISSI Directors & Staff