From the new Chair of the Board of Trustees Prof. Willy Benz

Welcome to ISSI, the International Space Science Institute

Willy Benz, Chair of the Board of Trustees (Image: KEYSTONE/A. della Valle)

ISSI is an Institute of Advanced Studies with a mission to contribute to a deeper understanding of the workings of Planet Earth, the Solar System and its components, and the Universe near and far. Scientists with a wide range of expertise come to ISSI from all over the world to discuss data collected by space missions, ground-based observatories or laboratory experiments, and to exchange and discuss ideas in a multidisciplinary environment. They address compelling and relevant questions, and their conclusions are published in peer-reviewed literature and shared with their communities. ISSI provides the infrastructure and atmosphere, away from the stress of everyday life, in which these discussions can unfold in a unique way, making it a truly special place. On the practical side, ISSI’s friendly staff will help you prepare for your visit and ensure that you can concentrate fully on science during your stay.

On this website you will find all the information you need about ISSI, its activities and the tools it provides. If you are new and interested, we look forward to welcoming you to Bern, and for those who have experienced ISSI, we look forward to seeing you again!

With best wishes

Willy Benz
Chair, ISSI Board of Trustees