“Arctic Changes Derived from Satellites” with Johnny Johannessen (NERSC, Norway)

During the last 3 decades there has been a dramatic decline in Arctic sea ice extent, age and volume. This decline is assumed to be connected to global warming and the corresponding regional Arctic Amplification response triggering multidisciplinary coupled atmosphere, ocean and sea-ice interactive processes and mutual feedback. However, although we have gained good qualitative understanding of these processes and feedback mechanisms we still lack proper quantitative insight. This is predominantly due to the limitation of the existing observing system to routinely collect collocated and multidisciplinary measurements across the broad range of spatial and temporal scales. To advance the knowledge gap it is therefore necessary to design and implement a systematic multi-modal data-driven analysis framework whereby one benefit from the synergy of satellite sensor measurements complemented with improved in-situ measurement capabilities and tools including models, data assimilation and artificial intelligence. This will be highlighted in this webinar whereby new findings on Arctic amplification and evidence of distinct sea ice deformation associated with passage of storm events will be presented. The results are derived from an ESA funded study led by Johannessen with partners from France (Ifremer, OceanDataLab and Novelties).

Johnny A. Johannessen (Prof. Dr.) is affiliated with the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center and Geophysical Institute at the University of Bergen, Norway. He has 35 years of experience in satellite remote sensing in oceanography and sea ice research and applications. In particular, he has focused on the use of satellite remote sensing to advance the understanding of upper ocean dynamics and air-sea-ice interaction associated with ocean fronts and eddies. He has also been involved in development and implementation of operational oceanography at national and international level and have had a central role in the transition to Copernicus Marine Environmental Monitoring Service (CMEMS). Johannessen has authored/co-authored more than 200 scientific and technical publications, reports and book articles of which 110 papers are published in International Peer Review Journals.

Webinar was recorded on June 2, 2022